vicki nixon


vicki nixon bodybuilder sound file below 9/8/08
2001 - NPC Philadelphia Classic 1st place (lw)
2001 - World Police and Fire Games 1st place (lw)
2001 - Masters Nationals 1st place (lw)
2001 - Team Universe 3rd place
2004 - Leigh Valley 1st place (lw) and overall... 2nd place in Figure
2004 - NPC East Coast Classic 1st place (lw) and overall... 1st place Figure
2004 - Masters Nationals 2nd place (lw)... 7th place in Figure
2004 - Team Universe 1st place (lw) and overall winner...earned "Pro" Card.
2004 - World Universe 4th place ( lw )
2005 - Sept. 16th IFBB Pro debut in Texas (EUROPA SHOW) 7th place and then
2005 - Sept.. 30th in Charlotte NC the Bulk Nutrition show, 3rd place!!

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