johnny counterfit


Johnny can now be heard on the comedy channels of Sirius and XM
Satellite Radio, as well as terrestrial-broadcast radio stations worldwide!

Johnny discovered his God-given talent for voice impressions at the early age of seven, and at this "impressionable" age, he realized he could recreate the same voices heard on television as he watched cartoons, sit-coms, commercials, and movies, as well as voices he heard on the records his parents listened to.

Throughout elementary and high school, the young entertainer would perform voice impressions of singers, actors, and politicians for family members, teachers, and fellow students.  At seventeen years of age, Counterfit was called from the audience to perform with a band at a local night spot called, "The Nashville West", on "open-mike" Sunday. 

The first of many big breaks occurred when the ABC TELEVISION NETWORK asked Johnny to appear on its new show called, "AMERICA'S FUNNIEST PEOPLE."  Other opportunities came about when Johnny was asked to use his talents to create the star voice of the lead character, Rex, and character Quasimoto, in the CBS television special, "A CLAYMATION CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION," an annual program that won an EMMY. 

Johnny currently can be heard on XM & Sirius Satellite Radio, and he continues to be featured in numerous appearances throughout the country, in television, film, video, terrestrial radio, and other outlets. Johnny's repeated exposure on television and radio has resulted in a vast growth of notoriety, worldwide. 

On COUNTRY.COM, Johnny is a part of country's largest music encyclopedia, a CD compiled by author Barry McCloud.  Barry aptly named Johnny the, "RICH LITTLE of COUNTRY MUSIC".  

Counterfit has performed and recorded with some of the biggest names in the entertainment field, that include GEORGE JONES, JOHNNY CASH, MERLE HAGGARD, CHARLIE PRIDE, REBA McENTIRE, MARTY STUART, RONNIE MCDOWELL, TOMMY CASH, (the former Johnny Cash Band) "THE TENNESSEE THREE", and on the CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE COUNTRY SOUL's CD entitled, "IN THE SHADE OF THE FAMILY TREE" that include artists such as ALAN JACKSON, RANDY TRAVIS, and DOLLY PARTON.  Last, but not least, Counterfit has performed at the The WHITE HOUSE, in Washington DC.

With over 200 voices in his repertoire, Counterfit has recorded many voice-overs for clients, and for his efforts received a SILVER MICROPHONE AWARD, an OAB AWARD for most effective radio commercial, a TELLY award for best sales video, and a United Kingdom VOX award. 

Counterfit presents a memorable show featuring voice and singing impressions of some of the most famous singers and actors of today and yesterday, along with voices of politicians past and present, all packaged in a "clean comedy and music style", in concert, with a live band. His impressions are exact and are not an exaggeration for comedic purposes; for comedy he adds  jokes and humor between songs and/or during the political/actor part of the show. Songs Johnny has written and recorded are also part of the show.

Johnny resides in Nashville, Tennessee

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