Bridgette Rhea


Bridgette Dianna Rhea was born and raised in Denver Colorado. She is the second to the youngest of five sisters and four brothers, she is 35 years old. Bridgette graduated from East High School, attended the Community College of Aurora (CCA), John Casablanca's Modeling School, and Johnston Appraisal School. She has earned certifications with IFA (International Fitness Association) in personal training and sports nutrition. She has also earned other certificates anywhere from modeling school to computer networking. Bridgette has often been referred to as very strong, loving, fun, and loyal. She has a passion for discovering what makes people happy and then tries to make it happen for them. She does whatever it takes to go the extra mile for anyone no matter who they are. Bridgette has two beautiful children, a 4 year old son and 8 year old daughter. Bridgette's goal is to become a professional figure competitor, a goal not easily attainable due to the aftermath of Striations resulting from delivering a 9 1/2 lb son. Nonetheless, Bridgette is a go-getter and has not let this stop her from pursuing her goal. She recently started traveling to different cities to compete in figure shows for exposure, a chance at sponsorship, and a change of atmosphere. When she's not competing, she spends most of her time with her children, and two big French mastiffs. She works and also has a passion for helping others achieve their weight loss ambitions. Bridgette is very appreciative of the support and advice everyone has given her thus far. She would like to thank each and every one of her fans.

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